Two Dutch Finance organisations join Climate Bonds Initiative

21st February 2016 Jonathan Andrews

NN Investment Partners (NNIP) and FMO, the Dutch international development bank, have become partners of the Climate Bonds Initiative to further promote investment in the low-carbon economy.

The FMO announcement was made by Nanno Kleiterp, CEO, in Amsterdam at the Making Solar Bankable conference, an international forum co-hosted by FMO with a focus on project development for clean energy in emerging economies.

“Partnering with the Climate Bonds Initiative fits well against our long term commitment to green financial development and sustainable investment, particularly in developing nations,” said Kleiterp. “Climate Bonds is working to develop robust global and regional green bond markets that support sustainable low carbon infrastructure and contribute to wider climate finance solutions.”

The Dutch development bank is a pioneer in green bonds and was awarded a ‘First Green Bond – Netherlands’ Certificate in the ‘National Pioneers’ category at the inaugural Green Bond Pioneer Awards held at the London Stock Exchange earlier this month.

“This is a welcome decision from a leading international development bank with a strong emerging economy focus,” said Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative. “It signals increasing institutional support for the development of transparent and robust green bond markets as a part of sustainable finance models.”

NNIP is the latest global international asset manager to join Climate Bonds. Bram Bos, Senior Portfolio Manager, said that the demand of their clients for green and impact investing products is increasing.

“As an asset manager we provide solutions that help our clients contribute to the mitigation of climate change,” he said. “With the impressive growth of the green bond market it is important to increase transparency and standardisation. This will help the green bond market to become a mainstream fixed income category.”

Sean Kidney welcomed NNIP to its partner programme and said: “It is a positive signal from a leading institutional investor that green bonds have a significant role to play in sustainable investment and climate finance solutions.”

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